Isla Verde Fun Dive – Septermber 28-29, 2018


When : September 28-29, 2018

Where : Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas

Learn the Basic of Free Diving with the coaches of My Happy Fins, Marvin and Jelai Julio



Desired Start Date



Join us! As we explore Verde island. Discover and be amazed by its hidden beauty. In the most convenient way with the most friendly divers.

✔Van service (Makati-Batangas-Makati)
*parking fee
*experienced driver with professional driver’s license
*Legit van service with proper documentation
✔Private boat
*Island exploration/dive
✔Shared fan room lodging
*Mahabang buhangin
*Beach front lodging
✔5 sets meal
*day 1 = light breakfast, lunch, dinner
*day 2 = light breakfast, lunch
✔Safety diver
✔Station bouy
✔1st aid kit for the group
✔travel insurance

❌dinner on the 2nd day
❌other incidental that is not mentioned above
day 1 (friday)
2:30 am assembly
5:30 am eta Ilijan
6:00 am proceed to isla verde
6:30 am eta Isla verde
7:00 am light breakfast
8:00 am start of boat dive
12:00 nn end of boat dive/lunch
2:00 pm dive in Mahabang buhangin
5:00 pm end of dive/tidy up/rest
7:00 pm dinner
8:00 pm socials
10:00 pm lights out

day 2:
6:00 am wake up call
7:00 am light breakfast
8:00 am beach bum/dive/awra
12:00 nn lunch
1:00 pm tidy up
3:00 pm proceed back to Ilijan
3:30 pm eta Ilijan
4:00 pm proceed back to Manila
8:00 pm eta Manila
How to join
1. Must accomplished intro and rescue lessons. Either with us or with other organization.
2. Need to settle in full to secure slot.
3. 1st come 1st serve basis.
4. Payment is non-refundable, non-rebookable BUT transferable to other person.
5. Once payment is done, kindly pm us the bank transaction copy together with your full name,contact number and shoe size. NO BANK TRANS COPY NO RESERVATION.
6. In the event of cancellation due to acts of God, reschedule will be done by the lead coach atleast 1 week after the original schedule.


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