El Nido Free Diving Lesson (August 25 – 26, 2018)

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When : August 25 – 26, 2018

Where : El Nido, Palawan

Learn the Basic of Free Diving with the coaches of My Happy Fins, Marvin and Jelai Julio



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Come and join us. As we dive in the Philippines’ last ecological frontier! Non swimmer? No worries! Enroll for our lesson then dive on the next day.
LEAD COACH: Jelai Julio
Who: swimmers and non-swimmers are both welcome.
What: Intro to freediving
When: Aug. 25,2018 (saturday)
where: El Nido Palawan
Event fee: 1900/head
✔Lesson 1 intro to freediving (feel free to enroll for the next lesson if you are done with intro)
✔gears (fins, mask and snorkel)
✔station bouy
✔5:1 coach
✔dive log
✔underwater photo/video

Exclusions (Own expenses or can be shared by group)
❌tour A for fundive
Day 1 (aug 25)
8:00 am dry briefing
9:00 am shallow water session
10:00 am deep water session (down the line/duckdive)
12:00 nn breaktime
2:00 pm afternoon dive
5:00 pm end of dive/rest

Day 2 (aug.26)
8am-4pm island hopping/fundive/boat dive
20 min briefing
2 minutes of meditation
Measuring pulse, armspan, breathhold time and respiratory volume
Survival floating
Mask/snorkel/fin use
Equalizing of the ears
Down the rope
and Logbook use
• Y Slippers that can get wet for foot protection.
• Sun protection. T-shirts/ rashguard/ swim caps and leggings.
• your gopro and a bungy cord to tie the camera accros your chest to keep your hands free.
• An ID to exchange for your rental gear
• A water bottle to keep you hydrated, you can refill at our filling station.
• Headlamp or torch for the night (sometimes there is no power)
• 100 peso to use the shower facilities of locals that live besides the dive spots.
• There is no reliable ATM so bring cash

• 12cc syringe to use as depthmeter
• 10 meter of 5mm rope to have your private diveline
• A waterproof watch that reads seconds, preferable with a compass
• Mobile apps “Capture” and “Share it” for file tranfer
• Mobile app “Open CPN for offline navigation
• Vinegar or Zinc oxide + Calamine from Mercury drug store against jelly stings
Lesson 1: Intro to freediving
Lesson 2: Rescue and self help
Lesson 3: Navigation for freediver
Lesson 4: Weight use and rope works
Lesson 5: Coach training
**if you are done with Lesson 1, feel free to enroll for the next lesson.
• Don’t swim, snorkel, or dive alone. Always have a buddy when in the water.
• Many people get sunburned while swimming or snorkeling, you simply don’t feel it’s happening until its to late. Make sure to swim and snorkel with a T shirt on.
•Please don’t bring alcoholic drinks or other narcotics, manage your trash, don’t leave light stuff laying around cause occasional gusts of wind will blow them in the sea.
How to enroll
1. Need to settle in full to secure slot.
2. 1st come 1st serve basis.
3. Payment is non-refundable, non-rebookable BUT transferable to other person.
4. Once payment is done, kindly pm us the bank transaction copy together with your full name,contact number and shoe size. NO BANK TRANS COPY NO RESERVATION.
5. In the event of cancellation due to acts of God, reschedule will be done by the lead coach atleast 1 week after the original schedule.

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