Discover Splendid and Sacred Sites in Thailand with Merck MLI Travel and Tours

Visit different Temples, Palaces and Houses in Bangkok, The North, The Northeast (Isan), The Central Region and The South of Thailand.

Thailand also has a long history beginning with the establishment of the Sukhothai Kingdom in 1249, which is considered to be the first kingdom of Thailand and prospered for 120 years. This kingdom, subsequently, initiated exquisite cultural heritage that has been preserved until today. Outstanding features include a sphene sheded chedi with lotus flowers that is regarded as genuine Sukhothai art that included styles from in Buddhism, motifs, that can be found in numerous ancient sites throughout Thailand or a Srivijaya style chedi that was influenced by the Khmer style prasats and flourished in this country before the Sukhothai Kingdom which were modified to be tall and slender
as well as decorated with more Thai designs.

*** Information credited to the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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